Hi, I’m Simon. This is a personal web site/blog where I try to make sense of the m-health/e-health industry, software development and few other geeky things. If you’ve stumbled across this site looking for information specifically about the projects I work on at the Australian E-Health Research Centre, my CSIRO staff page is a good place to start. Further information about my work can be found at LinkedIn.

A Little History.
Way back in the early ’90s I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) degree at Central Queensland University. I then went into industry, working as a analyst/programmer and a Unix/Linux systems/database administrator before joining DSTC in a research role. After a number of challenging but fun years at DSTC, my new wife and I followed that well trodden Australian right of passage and moved to London, UK. When not traveling I managed to work with some very interesting people at UK companies who were developing software in a variety of domains including gas demand forecasting, private banking and location-based services. On returning to Australia went back into research: at DSTC where I led the engineering team who built the first version of RecordPoint and was introduced to openEHR‘s approach to electronic health records, then at CSIRO‘s Australian E-Health Research Centre where I’ve enjoyed a number of roles including software architect, research project leader, project manager, consultant and research team leader. I also completed an Master of Business Administration (major in entrepreneurship, minor in finance) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane Graduate School of Business (BGSB) and am currently flirting with higher degree research study.

Apart from work, most of my time is spent being a father and husband in Brisbane, Australia and pursuing a variety of geeky interests (computing, finance, aviation and aerospace, rugby, alt rock, scifi, coffee, wine…). An example of this geeky-ness is an interest in my ancestry – a not-well-known known geeky fact about me: I’m as close to “Australian nobility” as one gets – I’m a (distant) descendant of First Fleet convict John Nichols (more here). Further evidence of my interests are documented via this blog but, because Nobody Blogs Any More, I post more frequently on Twitter (@simonmcbride). DM for faster replies.


  • I am a CSIRO employee, which means I must conform to the CSIRO policy Public Comment by CSIRO Staff. Obviously all content on this blog is personal opinion made in a private capacity.
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