Working in research has meant I’ve done a few “academic-y” things beyond publishing journal and conferences papers over the years. This page summarises that scientific citizenship.

Student Supervision:

  • Mr Michael Newman (4th year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology), Semester 2, 2014 INB300 Professional Practice in IT project “Exploring data management systems”.
  • Ms Surabhi Gupta (3rd year Bachelor of Science, Curtin University), CSIRO Vacation Scholarship 2013 project “Brain Waves: Quantifying the difference in cognitive load between “serious games” and games designed for entertainment”
  • Mr Coen McClelland (4th year Bachelor of Engineering, University of Queensland), CSIRO Vacation Scholarship 2012 project “Evaluation of the Microsoft Kinect for quantifying activity at bed rest”.
  • Mr Surya Choudhary (3rd year Bachelor of Business, Central Queensland University), Professional Internship 2010 project “Web site transition to a content management system”.
  • Mr Laurence Stroud-Watts, (3rd year Bachelor of Information Technology, Griffith University), CSIRO Vacation Scholarship 2009 project “Dynamic Data Retrieval for a Continuously Computed Patient Master List”.


  • American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium (Scientific program reviewer): 2015.
  • Health Informatics Society of Australia Health Informatics Conference (Scientific program reviewer): 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015; 2016 (Industry program reviewer): 2012.
  • MEDINFO reviewer: 2013, 2015.
  • Australasian Software Engineering Conference (Industry Program reviewer): 2009, 2010, 2013.
  • Australian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Health (Program committee): 2011, 2012.
  • Health Informatics Society of Australia (Queensland branch): committee member (2011); secretary (2012).
  • International Colloquium on Data Provenance and Data Management for eScience (Program committee): 2011.
  • International Workshop on Data and Process Provenance (Program committee): 2009.
  • Australasian Workshop on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management (Program committee): 2010.


  • Health Informatics Society of Australia (Member, 2010-present).
  • Australian College of Health Informatics (Member, 2013-present).
  • IEEE Computer Society (Member, 1999-2010).

Scholarly identifiers:

There is no “one true identifier for all scholars”. In fact, there are many services for identifying scholars. Links to my profile: