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  1. Thanks Simon for this write up and the comments. IHTSDO plans to continue to improve its range of courses. We appreciate some elements may seem ‘dry’ and will do our best in future to liven them up!
    One change that has happened in the last month is the move to a new E-Learning Server as the initial one had some limitations and issues that caused both us and learners some added effort and irritation. The good news is that the new server, which was used by the June 1st Intake to the SNOMED CT Foundation Course, has already enabled some improvements with learners now able to self-pace. We have a fully-booked intake starting September 1st.
    Also in September 2015 we will reopen applications with the objective of enabling all applicants to start the Foundation course within four to eight weeks of applying … and with the course fully self-paced it should be possible to complete it within a few days … or up to four months. See for further information.

    David Markwell
    IHTSDO Head of Education

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